The Göttingen Workshop on Integrable Systems and Related Mathematical Structures 2016 (GoeWIS 2016) will take place from Wednesday, March 30, to Friday, April 1, 2016, in the historical Sitzungszimmer of the Mathematical Institute in Göttingen, Bunsenstrasse 3-5.

The meeting will concentrate on recent developments in the theory of integrable systems, classical and quantum. Particular emphasis will be placed on the interface between integrable systems, other areas of mathematics, and theoretical physics.

Part of this meeting will be devoted to a special topic: Near critical events. We addressed a number of scientists to present a talk related to it (keynote speakers). "Near critical events" addresses extreme events, mainly focussing on integrable evolution equations. This concerns, for example, blow-up in finite time, a typical feature in systems of hydrodynamic type. Dispersive or dissipative (integrable) regularizations of such systems often exhibit schock waves. In this context the universality hypothesis formulated by Boris Dubrovin is a particularly interesting and challenging problem. Though of a somewhat different nature, the Witten-Dijkgraaf-Verlinde-Verlinde (WDVV) equations also belong to the class of hydrodynamic-type systems. They provide a beautiful bridge between integrable systems and pure mathematics. Further extreme phenomena occuring in some integrable systems (and beyond) are rogue waves.

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